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Friday, August 24, 2012

AT&T Funds Campaign for Anti-Texting and Driving to Curb Vehicle Accidents

Just recently, American wireless telecommunication provider AT&T announced that it is channeling multi-million dollars in support of an anti-texting and driving campaign.

The said campaign is encouraging Americans to take a permanent pledge to stop texting while behind the wheel, and will be launched on September 19, a couple of weeks after the new Ohio ban on texting while driving takes effect.

It could be remembered that Ohio Governor John Kasich approved the bill to ban texting while driving in the state of Ohio last June 1. The new law is scheduled to take effect 90 days upon approval. Subsequently, in light of the newly approved law, AT&T launches its multi-million dollar campaign to support the new law.

Meanwhile, AT&T Ohio president Tom Pelto said that his company’s goal is to save lives. Therefore, the company recognizes and appreciates the efforts of Ohio General Assembly, particularly Representatives Republican Rep. Rex Damschroder and Democratic Rep. Nancy Garland, who sponsored the bill, and Gov. John Kasich, who signed the bill into law.

Moreover, AT&T is also urging other wireless device manufacturers and mobile app developers to offer devices and apps that prevent people from texting and driving.

Accordingly, a Los Angeles accident attorney agrees that AT&T’s anti-texting and driving campaign is significantly needed to curb further vehicle accidents. Texting and driving is in fact, the leading killer of teens in the country, as it accounts for some 11 teen deaths in a day. Based on overall statistics, texting while driving accounts for 1.6 million accidents and 330,000 injuries a year.

Apparently, AT&T is doing a great job in pursuing its selfless goal in reducing fatalities that vehicle accidents might bring, particularly to teen drivers who are most likely to text while driving.


Jorge Aguero said...

Yes, that is a nice campaign. I would like to be a part of this campaign if there is any room for volunteers. I have personally lost couple of loved ones just because of this. I would like to request people that please do not put your life on risk for the sake of a message. Your life is more important than your message.
St. Petersburg Personal Injury Lawyer

Rodney Mesriani said...

I feel the same way as you did Jorge Aguero. Losing someone you love in a car accident is really hard to accept. Therefore, I always advise motorists to be a responsible driver on the road.

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