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Monday, December 17, 2012

Another Lawsuit Filed against ‘Expendables 2’ following Filming Accident

Following the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of the stuntman, Kun Liu, who died from the explosion accident during the filming of the movie ‘Expendables 2’, the other stunt man who was injured from the same incident is now suing the movie’s producer.

In his lawsuit, Nuo Sun claims that Millenium Films failed to properly organize, set-up, produce, direct, and coordinate for the preparation of the stunt scene that involved the use of explosives and other risky activities in a rubber boat.

Unfortunately, the said stunt caused the death of Nuo Sun’s co-stuntman, Kun Liu, while he sustained severe injuries.

He further claimed in his lawsuit that the incident has brought him severe shock and injury, as well as mental and physical pain and sufferings.

Meanwhile, aside from the message of condolences offered by Millennium’s spokesperson on behalf of the production company, the film’s producer is yet to issue a statement regarding the recent allegations against it.

It can be remembered that it was early in August when the family of Kun Liu filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Millennium films and the movie’s stunt coordinator. Nuo Sun’s lawsuit probably came following his recovery.

Generally, negligence in its broadest definition means carelessness or recklessness. It is oftentimes the root cause of personal injury, including wrongful death, briefly defined by a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. Therefore, both Nuo Sun’s and Kun Liu’s families have the right to file for a claim resulting from the said negligence.


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