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Friday, December 21, 2012

Tom Cruise, Co-stars in Multiple Car Crash during Filming of New Movie

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In an interview, Tom Cruise’s co-star, David Oyelowo, revealed that Tom and his other cast mates have been into numerous car crashes while filming the movie, ‘Jack Reacher’.

According to Oyelowo, Tom Cruise got involved in several car accidents while filming his upcoming movie which included a dangerous car chase scene.

Oyelowo revealed that as the cast was filming the scene, the actors lost control of their cars. Fortunately, no one got hurt from the incident. Also, in one occasion, a collision between Tom Cruise and Jai Courtney occurred. Thanks to airbags—both actors walked away from the scene unscathed, according to Oyelowo.

Moreover, Oyelowo stated that a total of nine cars were wrecked during the three-week filming.

Fortunately for all the movie’s cast members, safety is a top priority during the production. The shooting scene was surrounded by technicians in case of emergency. All was well planned, according to the movie’s director, Christopher McQuarrie. In fact, Tom Cruise himself was involved in the stunt planning. He even came up with his own idea for one action sequence, McQuarrie added.

Furthermore, aside from the proper planning of dangerous stunts, media sources found out that the cast members also underwent a lot of training to keep the margin of errors small.

‘Jack Reacher’ was Tom Cruise’s most recent movie which is based on Lee Child’s ninth series of macho best seller books. The movie is now showing in theaters nationwide.

Incidentally, in a recent blog post, the herein author featured news about the stuntmen who were severely injured during a dangerous stunt while filming the movie ‘Expendables 2’. Therefore, several personal injury lawyers commended the Jack Reacher’s production team for the successful and casualty-free shooting of the action-filled movie.


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