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Friday, November 23, 2012

Family Cuts Life Support from Brain Injury Boxer Victim

After a couple of days lying brain dead in the hospital, the Puerto Rican boxing legend, Hector ‘Macho’ Camacho’s family is now considering taking off his life support, according to media sources.

Initially, Camacho’s father was the only one who wants to take off his life support and donate his organs. In fact, the father’s idea was opposed by one of the legendary boxer’s sister, while his mother was hesitant.

However, recent news reports claimed that the family has finally decided to take off his life support. In fact, they are now said to be arranging his funeral. Apparently, the said decision came from Camacho’s son who was named after him.

As reported, Camacho was declared clinically brain dead by the doctors in Central Medico trauma center in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Thursday after he was shot on Tuesday.

According to initial investigation, Camacho, 50, and his friend, Adrian Mojica, 49, were shot multiple times while they were sitting in a Ford Mustang parked outside a bar on Tuesday night.

Police claimed that drugs were considered as one of the factors to the incident after they discovered nine small bags of cocaine in Mojica’s pocket and another bag left open inside the car.

Mojica was pronounced dead at the scene while Camacho was transported to the hospital wherein he was initially believed to have good chances of surviving. However, his condition worsened overnight after the bullet entered his jaw and lodged in his shoulder, tearing three of the four arteries in his neck. As a result of which, the blood flow through his brain was affected and caused his brain injury.

During his boxing career, Camacho earned a record of 79-6-3. He won the super lightweight, lightweight, and junior welterweight world titles. He retired from the ring in 2009.

Apparently, it has been a long while since Camacho started battling with drugs, alcohol, and other problems. In fact, he was put behind bars for two years for burglary in 2007. Also, his wife twice lodged a domestic violence complaint against him before they ended up divorcing.

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