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Friday, December 28, 2012

Facebook Posts Can Significantly Hurt Your Personal Injury Claims

Facebook and other social media users are significantly increasing over time and in such event, government security agency, criminal investigation units and even private insurance agencies turn to social media to track personal information of people.

Recent reports revealed that insurance companies now rely on social media to track down claimants. As a result, the claimants’ applications are often denied.

In a report published by an online source of insurance news, it unveiled that insurance companies include social media in investigating claimants in personal injury cases. They check for photos, updates, and comments that they may use to deny claimants’ personal injury claims.

The said reports used the story of a snowboarder’s personal injury claim as an example. The man allegedly filed for a car accident claim but on the following days, because of his being so obsessed with snowboarding, he decided to go out and engage in the said sport despite the personal injury claim that he recently submitted to his insurance company.

Probably to his excitement, the man took his Facebook account thereafter and posted photos of him while having fun on the slopes. Finally, the same was used by his insurance company to argue that he was not actually injured in the accident, forfeiting his eligibility for a claim.

Insurance companies could also hold against your car accident claim when you post on your social media accounts photos of you drinking or even holding a drink. Obviously, it is like admitting a crime. Your insurance company may eventually accuse you of having been driving under the influence. In such event, not only you will be denied from your claims, you will also likely to face criminal charges.

Consequently, a Los Angeles injury lawyer here reminded claimants that it is important to ensure that posts on Facebook and other social media sites do not hurt your personal injury claims since most insurance companies may use even your most innocent photos to deny your insurance coverage.


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