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Monday, January 7, 2013

Wrong-way Driver Killed in New Year’s Day Car Accident

A wrong-way driver was reportedly killed in a car accident in San Bernardino County on New Year’s Day.

As recently reported, the 32-year-old driver of a 1994 Honda Civic was seen traveling northbound on the southbound lanes of Cottonwood Ave in Hesperia in San Bernardino County, California.

Apparently, the car was traveling on the wrong way. Consequently, it collided head-on into a Sedan traveling in the southbound lanes. The said collision created a strong impact that caused the death of the Honda Civic’s driver who was later identified as Sergio Marin, 32, of Fontana.

On the other hand, the five passengers of the sedan were transported to different nearby hospitals for treatment of the serious injuries they sustained from the incident. Three of them were said to be juveniles while the other two were adults.

So far, it is not yet determined whether alcohol was a factor but the San Bernardino County Sheriff Department is already investigating the incident.

As it is, the Holiday season, including New Year, is one of the most dangerous times to travel. Incidentally, parties are everywhere during such period… and so are drunk drivers.

Meanwhile, recent statistics released by the California Highway Patrol Statewide Integrated Traffic Report revealed that there were 203 people killed and some 7,910 injured in vehicle accidents in San Bernardino County alone in 2010. Unfortunately, out of those deaths, some 75 were alcohol-related while out of those injured, some 860 were likewise caused by diving under the influence (DUI).

Consequently, several personal injury lawyers repeatedly encourage drivers to avoid drinking and driving since traffic mishaps often stem from drunk driving.

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Facebook Posts Can Significantly Hurt Your Personal Injury Claims

Facebook and other social media users are significantly increasing over time and in such event, government security agency, criminal investigation units and even private insurance agencies turn to social media to track personal information of people.

Recent reports revealed that insurance companies now rely on social media to track down claimants. As a result, the claimants’ applications are often denied.

In a report published by an online source of insurance news, it unveiled that insurance companies include social media in investigating claimants in personal injury cases. They check for photos, updates, and comments that they may use to deny claimants’ personal injury claims.

The said reports used the story of a snowboarder’s personal injury claim as an example. The man allegedly filed for a car accident claim but on the following days, because of his being so obsessed with snowboarding, he decided to go out and engage in the said sport despite the personal injury claim that he recently submitted to his insurance company.

Probably to his excitement, the man took his Facebook account thereafter and posted photos of him while having fun on the slopes. Finally, the same was used by his insurance company to argue that he was not actually injured in the accident, forfeiting his eligibility for a claim.

Insurance companies could also hold against your car accident claim when you post on your social media accounts photos of you drinking or even holding a drink. Obviously, it is like admitting a crime. Your insurance company may eventually accuse you of having been driving under the influence. In such event, not only you will be denied from your claims, you will also likely to face criminal charges.

Consequently, a Los Angeles injury lawyer here reminded claimants that it is important to ensure that posts on Facebook and other social media sites do not hurt your personal injury claims since most insurance companies may use even your most innocent photos to deny your insurance coverage.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Tom Cruise, Co-stars in Multiple Car Crash during Filming of New Movie

Photo gives credit to
In an interview, Tom Cruise’s co-star, David Oyelowo, revealed that Tom and his other cast mates have been into numerous car crashes while filming the movie, ‘Jack Reacher’.

According to Oyelowo, Tom Cruise got involved in several car accidents while filming his upcoming movie which included a dangerous car chase scene.

Oyelowo revealed that as the cast was filming the scene, the actors lost control of their cars. Fortunately, no one got hurt from the incident. Also, in one occasion, a collision between Tom Cruise and Jai Courtney occurred. Thanks to airbags—both actors walked away from the scene unscathed, according to Oyelowo.

Moreover, Oyelowo stated that a total of nine cars were wrecked during the three-week filming.

Fortunately for all the movie’s cast members, safety is a top priority during the production. The shooting scene was surrounded by technicians in case of emergency. All was well planned, according to the movie’s director, Christopher McQuarrie. In fact, Tom Cruise himself was involved in the stunt planning. He even came up with his own idea for one action sequence, McQuarrie added.

Furthermore, aside from the proper planning of dangerous stunts, media sources found out that the cast members also underwent a lot of training to keep the margin of errors small.

‘Jack Reacher’ was Tom Cruise’s most recent movie which is based on Lee Child’s ninth series of macho best seller books. The movie is now showing in theaters nationwide.

Incidentally, in a recent blog post, the herein author featured news about the stuntmen who were severely injured during a dangerous stunt while filming the movie ‘Expendables 2’. Therefore, several personal injury lawyers commended the Jack Reacher’s production team for the successful and casualty-free shooting of the action-filled movie.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Another Lawsuit Filed against ‘Expendables 2’ following Filming Accident

Following the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of the stuntman, Kun Liu, who died from the explosion accident during the filming of the movie ‘Expendables 2’, the other stunt man who was injured from the same incident is now suing the movie’s producer.

In his lawsuit, Nuo Sun claims that Millenium Films failed to properly organize, set-up, produce, direct, and coordinate for the preparation of the stunt scene that involved the use of explosives and other risky activities in a rubber boat.

Unfortunately, the said stunt caused the death of Nuo Sun’s co-stuntman, Kun Liu, while he sustained severe injuries.

He further claimed in his lawsuit that the incident has brought him severe shock and injury, as well as mental and physical pain and sufferings.

Meanwhile, aside from the message of condolences offered by Millennium’s spokesperson on behalf of the production company, the film’s producer is yet to issue a statement regarding the recent allegations against it.

It can be remembered that it was early in August when the family of Kun Liu filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Millennium films and the movie’s stunt coordinator. Nuo Sun’s lawsuit probably came following his recovery.

Generally, negligence in its broadest definition means carelessness or recklessness. It is oftentimes the root cause of personal injury, including wrongful death, briefly defined by a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. Therefore, both Nuo Sun’s and Kun Liu’s families have the right to file for a claim resulting from the said negligence.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Family Cuts Life Support from Brain Injury Boxer Victim

After a couple of days lying brain dead in the hospital, the Puerto Rican boxing legend, Hector ‘Macho’ Camacho’s family is now considering taking off his life support, according to media sources.

Initially, Camacho’s father was the only one who wants to take off his life support and donate his organs. In fact, the father’s idea was opposed by one of the legendary boxer’s sister, while his mother was hesitant.

However, recent news reports claimed that the family has finally decided to take off his life support. In fact, they are now said to be arranging his funeral. Apparently, the said decision came from Camacho’s son who was named after him.

As reported, Camacho was declared clinically brain dead by the doctors in Central Medico trauma center in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Thursday after he was shot on Tuesday.

According to initial investigation, Camacho, 50, and his friend, Adrian Mojica, 49, were shot multiple times while they were sitting in a Ford Mustang parked outside a bar on Tuesday night.

Police claimed that drugs were considered as one of the factors to the incident after they discovered nine small bags of cocaine in Mojica’s pocket and another bag left open inside the car.

Mojica was pronounced dead at the scene while Camacho was transported to the hospital wherein he was initially believed to have good chances of surviving. However, his condition worsened overnight after the bullet entered his jaw and lodged in his shoulder, tearing three of the four arteries in his neck. As a result of which, the blood flow through his brain was affected and caused his brain injury.

During his boxing career, Camacho earned a record of 79-6-3. He won the super lightweight, lightweight, and junior welterweight world titles. He retired from the ring in 2009.

Apparently, it has been a long while since Camacho started battling with drugs, alcohol, and other problems. In fact, he was put behind bars for two years for burglary in 2007. Also, his wife twice lodged a domestic violence complaint against him before they ended up divorcing.

In a brain injury case like this, the victim or the family can sue the liable party and claim for damages. In Los Angeles, injury attorneys handle such claims for quite some time. They work right from the start including the research, gathering of evidences, and case follow-ups. Apparently, victims and their family are assured that they will get the right compensation they deserve.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Justin Bieber Going Wild in LA Streets after Break-up with Selena

Photo gives credit to TMZ.
It has been a bad week for Justin Bieber. Following his break-up with Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber started having wild joyrides around the streets of Los Angeles.

Initially, the young singer was spotted driving recklessly in his sick white Ferrari last Tuesday night. According to traffic law enforcement officers, as they pulled him over and asked for his car’s documentations, they found out that its registration was already expired.

Thereafter, Bieber was ticketed but it is not specified what violations the cops noted on his ticket.

The day after he was pulled over by cops, Bieber was reportedly spotted again driving dangerously in LA’s famous 405 Freeway in his $20,000.00 Ducati motorcycle.

According to sources, the singer bought his big bike way back in April in response to his mentor, Usher’s recommendation.

So far, it is not yet clear whether Bieber has already obtained a motorcycle license since allegedly, at the time he purchased his motorcycle, he didn’t have one.

Under the California Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) guidelines, anyone who drives a motorcycle must have a Class M1/M2 motorcycle license or motorcycle instruction permit even if a driver has already secured a driver’s license.

Apparently, the Golden State has a very strict rule when it comes to driving a motorcycle. The most probable reason for this is because motorcycle accident is eyed as the most devastating of all vehicle accidents.

Meanwhile, a Los Angeles motorcycle lawyer herein understands why the state’s government is strictly requiring motorcycle license in California. In fact, he has seen from statistics how the number of fatal motorcycle accidents has rapidly increased over the past few years. The said regulation is another good way of preventing further fatal motorcycle accidents, he commended.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Guns and Explosives Found in Car following Single-vehicle Accident

Surprisingly, other than the wrecked car and injured victims, firearms and explosives were also found inside a car involved in a single-vehicle accident more than a week ago.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the single car crash occurred last October 25 at the Interstate 101 in Cummins Road in Mendocino County. Police claimed that the driver of the 2001 Infinity lost control of the car while driving along the northbound lane of the said interstate highway. Consequently, it ran off the east of the roadway edge of the freeway, rammed into an embankment, and rolled over.

As a result of the collision’s impact, two of the car’s passengers identified as Greg Dodson, 44, and his son, Vincent Dodson, 21, were ejected from the car. Both died from their incurred injuries while their driver identified as Domonic Quillici, 20, only sustained minor injuries.

During the investigation, CHP officers recovered three loaded handgun, two of which were stolen, several M80s (illegal explosive devices), one ASP expandable baton, duct tape, a ski mask, two bullet proof vests, and a printed Google map with directions from Vallejo to Shelter Cove in Humboldt County.

It is not yet clear how those men were able to obtain the deadly weapons and where they would be using the same. So far, one thing is for sure, possession of undocumented deadly weapons and explosives is extremely prohibited.

Apparently, aside from the charges resulting from the car accident that may possibly brought against him, the driver of the vehicle is also likely to face other charges related to illegal possession of firearms and explosive devices, briefly explained by a car accident attorney in Los Angeles.