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Friday, August 17, 2012

CHP, Caltrans Warn Motorists to Slow down after Series of Construction Accidents along Roadways

The California Highway Patrol (CHP), together with Caltrans officials, is warning motorists to slow down in roadways which are under construction, particularly along the 11-mile stretch of Interstate 80 connecting Immigrant Gap and Rainbow.

The reminder came in line with the series of accidents reported in a matter of ten days within the said area. Fortunately for motorists, none of the accidents were fatal, but they did cause injuries, damages, and traffic jams.

California officials noticed that although there are ongoing constructions in most roadways, many drivers are still not reducing their speeds and adjusting their driving behavior through the smaller and narrower areas.

Due to ongoing constructions, several lanes on roadways are closed, which limits open lanes, makes roadways narrower, and eliminates emergency shoulders as well.

Also, authorities are encouraging drivers to observe the maximum speed limit of 55 mph in such areas with ongoing construction. Accordingly, officials say that driving 10 mph more than the maximum speed limit could only save drivers less than two minutes. Therefore, there is no big difference, which makes it even more sensible to abide by the legal maximum speed limit.

Meanwhile, CHP sergeant Sven Miller said that vehicle and construction accidents on the roadways can be prevented, only with proper precautionary measures. Miller claimed that most accidents happened due to drivers’ negligence. Incidentally, some drivers are not paying full attention to driving—some are texting or using handheld devices and others are over speeding. Making unsafe lane changes is also one of the most common causes of accidents in roadways.

Furthermore, Caltrans spokesperson Rochelle Jenkins said that over speeding and improper driving habits not only put the life of drivers in dangers, but also their passengers. This is aside from the safety of Caltrans construction workers and employees. Therefore, both agencies work together to avoid further vehicle and construction accidents in roadways. 

A personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles here keeps himself updated with news regarding the series of construction accidents occurring in California roadways these past few weeks. It is indeed important that such issues be properly addressed by the above-said agencies to avoid further accidents resulting in injuries and damages.


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