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Friday, November 9, 2012

Guns and Explosives Found in Car following Single-vehicle Accident

Surprisingly, other than the wrecked car and injured victims, firearms and explosives were also found inside a car involved in a single-vehicle accident more than a week ago.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the single car crash occurred last October 25 at the Interstate 101 in Cummins Road in Mendocino County. Police claimed that the driver of the 2001 Infinity lost control of the car while driving along the northbound lane of the said interstate highway. Consequently, it ran off the east of the roadway edge of the freeway, rammed into an embankment, and rolled over.

As a result of the collision’s impact, two of the car’s passengers identified as Greg Dodson, 44, and his son, Vincent Dodson, 21, were ejected from the car. Both died from their incurred injuries while their driver identified as Domonic Quillici, 20, only sustained minor injuries.

During the investigation, CHP officers recovered three loaded handgun, two of which were stolen, several M80s (illegal explosive devices), one ASP expandable baton, duct tape, a ski mask, two bullet proof vests, and a printed Google map with directions from Vallejo to Shelter Cove in Humboldt County.

It is not yet clear how those men were able to obtain the deadly weapons and where they would be using the same. So far, one thing is for sure, possession of undocumented deadly weapons and explosives is extremely prohibited.

Apparently, aside from the charges resulting from the car accident that may possibly brought against him, the driver of the vehicle is also likely to face other charges related to illegal possession of firearms and explosive devices, briefly explained by a car accident attorney in Los Angeles.


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